SLO Mapping Platform

For Enhancement of Outcome-based Learning

About SLO Mapping Platfrom...

SLO refers to Student Learning Outcomes. This SLO Mapping Platform incorporates the followings within one single hub:

  • detailed outcome-based learning objectives mapped to
  • a comprehensive SLO-based archive of multimedia learning materials and clinical skills videos for efficient self-learning together with
  • SLO-based “Self-assessment Exercises” with emphasis on problem solving and logical thinking.

This Platform serves to facilitate learning through the "SLO-Learning Materials-Formative Assessment" algorithmic cycle. With this IT facility, it is hoped that teaching and learning can be done in a more efficient, objective and standardized manner.

Do enjoy and make the best out of it!

(If you are not in CUHK area, please use VPN to connect to CUHK network for watching the videos.)